Record Redfish Caught on Rod – From Oil Platform

– Initially, I didn’t think that I had caught a record fish. I did realize it when we got it up in the landing net, Alexander R. Thomassen (27) says to Dagbladet.

Last Wednesday, the 27-year-old probably got the largest redfish caught on rod and reel ever – from the “Heidrun” platform out in the North Sea.

The record fish weighs 26.8 pounds (12.14 kg) and was caught 1148 feet down in the deep – until it eventually had to be lifted 115 feet into the air from the surface.

– It fought, and I got pretty tired, the 27-year-old chef tells.

He pulled the fish up on deck with the help of Dag Skuseth (49) – who used a custom made landing net to secure the record catch.

– It got a little hectic on deck when we spotted something red down in the ocean, Skuseth tells Dagbladet.


Ideal Fishing Spot  

Catching a record fish was not entirely unexpected. After deep-sea fishing experts from Team Mustad Norway in August held a course for the platform workers, the crew has pulled up one big fish after another.

– In fact, every platform is an ideal place to fish since it serves as an artificial reef attracting fish, Skuseth continues.

Friday, he himself caught a huge redfish weighing 22.1 pounds (10.02 kg) – which also would have set a world record, had it not been for his friend.

(Translated text: “We were fishing here”)

– We knew there were big fish around “Heidrun”, and hoped a record would be set during the winter, Asgeir Alvestad in Team Mustad Norway says to Dagbladet.

Now it remains to formally register the redfish as a record fish. This will be done at The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and in the magazine “Villmarksliv” (Wilderness Life) in Norway.

A trophy will also be made.

– We will make a model of the fish that will hang on “Heidrun”, says record holder Thomassen.

Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photos by: The platform crew

Source: Dagbladet

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