Female And Male Bunad from Eiker – «Eikerdrakten»

Eiker Municipality is located in Buskerud County. Very little traditional material in form of pictures, writings and clothing has been found in that area, so the reconstruction of their own Bunad has been somewhat difficult. The reason is that Eiker had extensive contact with the Norwegian capital and other international cities, and followed European fashion trends. The Eiker Bunad is therefore reconstructed, with many similarities to other costumes. All of the fabrics are made by Mandal Veveri.

The Female Bunad

The skirt consists of a front and a back piece, a belt and straps across the shoulders. At the bottom of the skirt, two thin rows are sewn in, one red and one yellow. The embroidery consists of the chicory plant: Five in the front and three at the back. An inside pocket or loose purse is common. Many choose to embroider their initials on the purse.

The vest is the same material as the skirt. It is short so that the belt is visible, and has embroideries of Chicory flowers on each front side. Red bias tape is mounted around the front opening and the neck. In the back there are two curved, red seams. Between the seams, a rosette of oak leaves or chicory is embroidered.

The shirt is made of white wool, with tatting mounted at the collar and cuffs. The Cape is made from the same fabric as the rest of the costume with a red and yellow ribbon at the bottom. A waist band is also part of the Eiker Bunad. This is placed over the skirt and under the vest.

Silversmith Inger Kolsrud Buraas has made all the silver. The silver consists of cufflinks, silver rings, chain, broche, a hook for the cape, neck broche and earrings. Knife maker Fred Harald Kristiansen has designed a knife that can be attached to the belt. The knife is made of oak.

The Male Bunad

The pants are dark blue or black. You can choose long or short pants. At the bottom there is a split with a red border. It has two front pockets and one back pocket, and both suspenders and belts can be used. If you have knee length pants one uses white stockings.

The shirt is simple and white with pleats at the shoulders, and embroideries on the collar and cuffs. Many choose to embroider their initials on the collar.

The vest is made from the same fabric as the pants. The fabric at the back is yellow, red or black. In front, there are three button rows and two rows of embroidery. The collar is embroidered with the same pattern as the front.

The jacket is short and has no collar. It has red lining with buttons on the cuffs. It is common to use a scarf, neck ring, cufflinks, knife and hat.

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Eikerdrakta

Photos: Sikkori

Categories: Bunad, Culture

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