Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel – “On the Rocks”

All interior and exterior is made of snow and ice in this luxurious hotel, even the glasses in the bar. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is located 15 km outside of Alta in Finnmark County.

The hotel opens in January each year and melts away in the spring. The beds are made of reindeer fur and warm sleeping bags to keep guests comfortable in the constant inside temperature between -4 and -7 degrees Celsius (25 – 19 F).

The Igloo Hotel is the world’s northernmost icehotel. Construction begins when the snow settles in the fall. It melts and flows into the Alta River in the spring. The 2,000 square meters (21528 sq ft) hotel has thirty rooms and two suites in addition to a chapel where you can get married. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel even has its own bridal suite.


Photos by: Top and bottom: The Igloo Hotel, Middle:

Categories: Northern Norway, Travel

2 replies

  1. This place amazes me. It’s so beautiful, and almost otherworldly.

  2. That is the epitome of cool

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