Still On the Road In His 60 Year Old Veteran Vehicle

In 1952, Mr. Ole Birger Gjevre (75) from Valdres received a confirmation gift that every young boy dreams about: His very own scooter. 60 years later, the scooter still is in perfect condition.

Mr. Gjevre got this wonderful vehicle from his parents, but it was not just any old scooter. The whole structure is built entirely by his father. Mr. Gjevre had long wanted a scooter, and his father traveled all the way to Oslo to acquire the right equipment. Everything is self-made, with parts from an old Harley Davidson motorcycle and a DKW. Since 1952, it has been approved by the Norwegian Department of Motor Vehicles.

– ‘Bigge’ (Editor’s note: The name of the scooter) runs like a clock, Mr. Gjevre tells the Norwegian newspaper VG. -I can even drive it wearing my hat, he laughs.

Today, Mr. Gjevre only uses ‘Bigge’ for ceremonial occasions. In addition to the 60th anniversary for the bike, it is also 100 years since Gjevre’s father was born.

‘Bigge’ is also the favorite object in classic car events. On such occasions, Mr. Gjevre puts on his original confirmation suit – which is also in perfect condition.

– After the Second World War it was difficult to get textiles and clothing, so my dad got hold of material from an old naval uniform from Horten. He got a local tailor from Fagernes to sew the suit. It is of very good quality and fits even today, Mr. Gjevre concludes.

See how ‘Bigge’ runs here.



Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: VG

Photos: Jan Petter Lynau/VG

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