Female Bunad from Vang and Slidre in Valdres

The female Bunad from Vang and Slidre in Valdres was reconstructed in 1971. It is based on preserved clothing pieces from around 1800, and one of Johannes Flintoe’s watercolor paintings from around 1820.

Several of the original clothing pieces are located at the Valdres Folk Museum. The belt and front piece of the vest originates from Beito and the headgear comes from Lykkja in Eastern Slidre. The original Bunad was probably in use from around 1750 until 1860.

The skirt is made from black wool with dense folds. The jacket is in red wadmal, lined with green silk and has an open front. The vest is red wool damask, lined with black velvet. It has an open front with a loose front piece inside. The front piece is made of red wool with embroidery in multiple colors.


The shirt is made of white linen with white seam embroidery on the collar and cuffs. The apron is made from white cotton fabric with printed floral motif. The belt is in red wool and has the same embroidery technique as the front piece.

The headgear for married women is called a ‘roll’. It is made of red wadmal with a big, round pull and covered with a white tatting cap. A multicolored silk scarf is tied around the head and fastened with a bow at the front. Another multicolored silk tie is worn outside shirt collar tied with bow at the neck.

It is common to use blue or black stockings and Bunad shoes. The silver consists of a pair of brooches, cufflinks and buckles.

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Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: ‘Our Beautiful Bunads’ (Våre vakre bunader). Skavhaug, Kjersti (1978)

Photos from the book.

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