The Secondhand Dealer in ‘Ultima Thule’

The view from the farm is spectacular in the crystal clear autumn air, and inspiration comes pouring in.

Deep in the Bindalsfjord in Nord-Trøndelag County, beyond the ‘borders of the known world’, Petter Dypvik lives. His farm has been owned by the family for five generations. Petter has worked at the local sawmill and the Public Roads Administration, in addition to being a farmer – until his health failed him. Interest in recycling, culture and people got him to start a secondhand shop.

– I have always been a collector and I am interested in unique items. It all started in my youth with Morgan Kane books (Western books), and I now have the complete collection. I also collect old cans and boxes of various kinds – they tell a story, the secondhand dealer tells.

Petter’s secondhand shop contains many hidden treasures.

Spectacular view

Inside Petter’s old barn he has a large selection of antiques, furniture, lamps, cups, plates and bric-a-brac. From the courtyard you can gaze out over Djupviksvågen and the foot of Heilhornet Mountain, giving the shop a spectacular view that others can only dream about. It is easy to understand why the first generation Dypvik settled right here.

Due to back problems after heavy physical work, Peter decided to start a secondhand shop. He is genuinely concerned about recycling and says the consumer society is on the verge of ‘losing its mind’.-We live in abundance and throws away what we do not need. This applies to both food and objects, he says. He is genuinely concerned about how our materialistic way of life creates consequences for future generations. –Today’s purchasing power is enormous – and if the overuse continues, it does not look good for our descendants, he continues.

The most important thing for Petter is a good conversation with the customers.

Social arena

Petter is no profit hunter and says that it is the social aspect that drives him.  – When I live where I do it is very important for me to meet people. The store gives road travelers a reason to stop. Many people buy something, but it is the good conversation that is the driving force.

For four years he has run the secondhand shop in Bindal. The shop is often frequented by locals but also many tourists are visiting the exciting shop. – People from all over the world come in to see, and I like to invite them for a cup of coffee. The secondhand dealer is an old school merchant who takes time to chat with his customers.

The door is always open at Petter’s. Just come and visit and take a good look inside the barn – if you ever should pass by his farm in ‘Ultima Thule’.

Text and photos by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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