Sauna Smoked Specialities from Brattlia Eco-farm

Brattlia Øko-gård skinkeIn Namdalseid municipality, in the middle of Norway, the beautiful farm of Brattlia is locted. Here, Lars Østring and Oddveig Ressem run ecological dairy production and small-scale production of sauna smoked meat from free-range lambs, cattle and pigs. Brattlia has been settled since the Stone Age and is mentioned in Aslak Bolt’s Farmbook of 1432.

Sauna smoking is a local tradition with roots dating back to the Vikings. This form of traditional smoking creates a unique taste and makes good ingredients into authentic quality products.

Brattlia Øko-gårdSmoking meat is an ancient preservation method that is found throughout the world.
In Namdalen, and in the Swedish area of Jämtland, sauna smoking has evolved into a tradition, which includes prolonged hot smoking. This provides ‘Sauna smoked meat the Namdal way’ its distinct character.

The meat has a long shelf life, using no artificial additives, and the meat is tender and tasty. If you want a truly unique taste experience, please contact Brattlia for more product information.


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photos by: Brattlia Eco-farm


Categories: Culinary Surprises, Traditional Food

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