Oslo Imports Garbage From England

Oslo has started to import garbage from Leeds to use for heating.

40,000 tons of household waste is going to be shipped from England. This means that every week, 30 truckloads full of waste will be transported from the ports of Fredrikstad or Moss to the incineration plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo.

Oslo Energy Recycling Department believes this is good environmental policy because the waste would otherwise have ended up in an open garbage dump in England.

– This is fresh household waste and the alternative is that it ends up in a landfill in England, which is very bad for the environment. The environmental account is actually very good, also including the transport emissions, Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås in Energy Oslo Energy Recycling Department says.

Oslo Energy Recycling Department has agreements to deliver increasingly more energy from waste to heat Oslo homes. To accomplish the goal, the city either has to use more fossil fuel to produce enough hot water, or import combustible waste from abroad.

– It is the first time we import waste from Europe. We make money both in receiving waste and selling energy in form of electricity and heating. This is positive for all Oslo citizens because we generate more income, Gerner Bjerkås continues.

Oslo has previously considered importing waste from Italy. The plan met resistance and is postponed.

A couple of weeks ago, it was known that radioactive waste by mistake had been burned at Klemetsrud. But Oslo Energy Recycling Department denies that there is any danger in using English garbage for heating.

– These plants have very good cleaning systems and the waste control is excellent, so the Oslo citizens have nothing to fear, Gerner Bjerkås says.


Photo by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK)

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