‘The Almost Man’ – The Movie

Original Title: ‘Mer eller mindre mann’

Director: Martin Lund

Producer: Ruben Thorkildsen

Photo: Morten Halfstad Forsberg

Script: Martin Lund

Stars: Henrik Rafaelsen, Janne Heltberg Haarseth, Tov Sletta, Per Kjærstad, Tore Sagen, Kim Eidhagen, Ågot Sendstad, Terje Ranes





When his girlfriend Tone becomes pregnant, Henrik has to grow up fast. It’s about time to buy a house, get a real job and stop partying.

For despite the fact that they are all thirty-somethings, Henrik’s rowdy mates are partying as if they were 20, and Henrik is never difficult to ask. But when life suddenly turns serious, Henrik has to leave his comfort zone, which turns out to be very difficult. As if in some confused counter-reaction to the seriousness, he starts bending social rules. This lands him in one uncomfortable situation after another, with the everpatient Tone as an uncomprehending witness.

Henrik Rafaelsen and Janne Heltberg Haarseth carry the film with solid performances. Rafaelsen’s subtlety allows him to express a wide range of emotion as the introverted and awkward Henrik.

Movie reviews

In july, ‘The Almost Man’ won the Czech competition’s Grand Prix Crystal Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the movie has received many good reviews in Norway.

Watch a clip here:


Source: www.filmfestivalen.no

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