Wine From Hell?

Sigurd Wongraven is probably best known as lead vocalist in Satyricon, one of the world’s leading Black Metal bands. But did you know that this man has a passionate interest in wine?

In 2010, Wongraven launched his first wines. Since then, the demand has grown so big that he has decided to expand his repertoire.

– Actually, I was writing a book about wine. In the working of this book, I met Luca Roagna from prestigious area Piemonte in Italy, Wongraven tells Norwegian broadcasting company TV2.

Luca Roagna is a fifth generation winemaker and a leader in the new generation of traditional Piemonte.

– Winemaking is science. We are sitting there with our test tubes tasting through the different stages, he continues. For me, it has been a great honor and experience to work so close with such a talented winemaker like Luca.

Wongraven describe making his own Barolo wine with playing a guitar solo with Metallica.

Over the years, countless commercial products where celebrities put their name on a brand have been launched. Unlike many other ‘celebrity products’, Wongraven has been involved in the whole process, from making of the wine to design work. He has also become a spokesman in the winemaking industry.

Wongraven is currently working on several other wine projects. In collaboration with Remy and Armin Grassa, known for the Chateau du Tariquet wines, he is developing a new white wine. Although the grapes are grown in Gascogne in southwest France, Wongraven is prepared to make a white wine in Bordeaux style.

The year 2016 will be an exciting year when the ‘Wongraven Champagne’ is launched. It is 100% organic champagne from the Baron-Fuente vineyard in the western Champagne district in France.

List of Wongraven’s wines:

  • Barolo Unione Nero di Wongraven 2006
  • Langhe Rosso Alleanza Nero di Wongraven
  • Langhe Rosso Alleanza Nero di Wongraven (Bag in Box)


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: TV2, Vinofil

Photos from the top: Vinofil, Niklas Lello

Categories: Beverage, Culinary Surprises

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