Woman Refuses to Move Her Mailbox After 42 Years

Den.ensomme.postkassen - resizedNAMDALSAVISA: A woman from Namsos Municipality, Nord-Trøndelag County, is angry with the Norwegian Postal Service because they have stopped her personal mail deliverance. The reason is that she refuses to move her mailbox to a new collective mailbox stand.

– There is no question of moving my mailbox! Not even one foot, the angry woman tells the local newspaper Namdalsavisa.

Since 1970, her mail has been delivered directly on the house wall in Fridtjof Nansen Street in Namsos.

This summer, it came to an end. After several letters urging her to move the mailbox to a collective stand, her mail delivery suddenly stopped.

– I would not call them threatening, but we have received several letters that told us to move our mailbox.

‘We must sadly conclude that the mailbox’s current location is not placed in accordance with our requirements’, was the message from Namsos Postal Office.

All previous letters, she did put on fire. In her opinion, Norwegian Postal Service acts unreasonably.

– As I understand, the mailboxes should be moved in accordance with people that live here. The letters do not invite to cooperation, the woman says.

She has been in contact with the postal service on several occasions but has not received any acceptance for her arguments.

The woman’s neighbors are of the same opinion.

Traffic safety and respect for the postmen are arguments that have been used in similar cases.

The woman does not by these arguments:

– When the mail arrives around 11 am, it is just me that is walking in the street, so the danger of being overrun is minimal.

What annoys her the most, beside the fact that she does not get her mail, is that the local post office has not decided where to put the new collective stand.

Now, she has to collect her mail at the local post office in Namsos city.

– I think the end of the story will be that a huge collective stand will be placed at the local supermarket, and that the whole neighborhood will have to collect their mail there, she sighs.


Text translated and modified by: Ester Jepsen, ThorNews

Illustrating photo by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Namdalsavisa

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