Magnor Glassworks – Lust. Surprise. Love.

In 1896, deep in the heart of the forests of Eidskog, Hedmark County, Magnor Glassverk (glassworks) was founded. For several generations, Magnor has established a solid foundation of knowledge and tradition in the Norwegian glasswork industry.

Today, Magnor is the biggest tourist attraction in Hedmark with over 220.000 visitors every year. The shop at the Magnor factory offers exciting products, exhibitions and a tour around the workshop.

Masters, glass blowers and artists tend to follow professions that run within the family: ‘Like father like son’. Magnor Glassverk is no exception. Through generations, the glassworks has been significant to an entire district. The history of Magnor is created by skilled glass workers who have formed the foundation of Magnor’s current unique production.

Glass blowers of today still use the same simple tools which were used by their counterparts more than a century ago, even though more modern tools also have their place in the production.

To create each unique product, a skilled Master is necessary in the forming of the quality product Magnor is known for. To create one item, a single team consists of nine craftsmen, from glass blowers to journeymen and finally, the Master.

At Magnor Glassverk, the design has always been of great importance. Norwegian artists and designers like Per Spook, Fam Irvoll and Vebjørn Sand have contributed in Magnor’s design development – all with great success. Per Spook was the creator behind the series ‘Desember’ from the fall collection of 2011. The collection consists of a cup, a plate and a bowl – with three different expressions: Lady Café, Lady Walk and Lady Black. All models are designed in the spirit of Per Spook: Sophisticated, elegant and refined.

Magnor’s classic design is just as popular today as it was 50 years ago.

The last 100 years, more than thirty glassworks have been established in Norway, and almost as many again have been closed down. The conditions for running glassworks have changed over time – will, commitment and the many years of experience of its owners, staff and the local community have carried Magnor Glassverk through difficult times.

Magnor’s wide product selections are very popular items in auctions and antique shops because of their elegant design and great quality.



Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photos: Two on top: Magnor Glassverk, below: Fuglen

Source: Magnor Glassverk

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  1. I’ll have to see if my local Scandinavian imports store carries this line. Beautiful designs!

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