BLAFRE – Norwegian Retro Design

BLAFRE is a family company established in 2005 in Oslo. In 2010, the BLAFRE shop was opened. It consists of a showroom, shop and café located in Ekeberg Hageby. Their products are sold in over 500 stores in ten different countries. All products are designed by Ingrid Erøy Fagervik. Her husband Remi Fagervik runs the shop in Oslo.

During Ingrid’s maternity leave, BLAFRE ‘was born’ and the back of every card reads ‘Nuss til Nora’ (Kiss to Nora), Ingrid and Remi’s daughter.

Since 2005, their product selection has grown from only selling greeting cards – to include cans, lunch boxes, bottles, thermoses, wall-stickers and textile products like linen, aprons, hand bags and curtains – all with the same retro style patterns (The images speak for themselves).

See more fabulous BLAFRE products here and treat yourself something extraordinary!


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: BLAFRE

Photos: BLAFRE

Categories: Culture, Design

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