‘Fårikål’ – Norway’s National Dish

FårikålFårikål, which literally means ‘muttonincabbage’, is by many Norwegians regarded as Norway’s national dish. The season usually starts in mid September when the lambs are slaughtered. The best Fårikål is made ​​from fresh pieces of lamb meat with bone, but meat from sheep can also be used. Prepare a big casserole: Fårikål tastes even better the next day!


(serves 4)

1 ½ kg  (3.3 pounds) fresh lamb meat with bone (alternatively sheep meat)
1 ½ kg  (3.3 pounds) cabbage
4 teaspoons whole pepper
2 teaspoons salt
3 cups water
Wheat flour


1. Cut the cabbage head lengthwise in half, remove the core and cut into wedges.

2. Add lamb meet and cabbage in layers in a casserole (meat at the bottom with the fat side down). Sprinkle salt and pepper between the layers. (Pepper grains can be placed in a special pepper holder).

3. Add water. Bring to a boil and let the Fårikål boil over low heat until the meat is tender (separates from the bone). Approx. 2 hours.

4. The Fårikål should be served steaming hot on hot plates.

Some like to thicken the Fårikål. Sprinkle a little flour between the layers (1-2 tablespoons).

Serve with boiled potatoes.

God appetitt!


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, Thor News

Photo by: matprat.no


Categories: Culinary Surprises, Recipes, Traditional Food

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