The Norwegian Folk Bunad – Norsk Folkebunad

Norsk Folkebunad was designed by Dagny Louvise Bertelsen and is a free composition inspired by the embroidery on the so-called Hulda Garborg-costumes that were created in the early 1900s. The Bunad was put into production in 1995.

The Norwegian Folk Bunad is a costume with no geographic affiliation. The shape is inspired by other embroidered costumes, while the embroidery is created with inspiration from floral paintings and an ancient glove from the Stavanger Museum.

The vest is made ​​from green, black or blue wool with yarn embroidery. The embroidery is sewn directly on the vest while the border of the skirt is embroidered on a separate piece of fabric lined with a red woolen ribbon. The skirt is folded and sewn together with the vest, which is also lined with red ribbons.

The shirt is made from cotton with a tatted collar and cuffs. It has a folded collar and is closed with a silver brooch in the neck and cufflinks on the sleeves.

The bag is made from the same fabric as the skirt with a red woolen bias tape around the edge. It features the same embroidery as the vest and skirt. It is attached to the belt with a strap.



Norsk Folkebunad consists of two different head gears: one is a hat from the same fabric as the costume with a rounded crown and smooth front piece. It has the same embroidery as the rest of the suit and is tied under the chin with a woolen ribbon. The other is a headband from the same material embroidered with the same rose decorations.

The silver is specially designed for the Folk Bunad. It consists of a double neck brooch with pendant, a large brooch to close the shirt and two cufflinks. The silver is cast as filigree imitations with golden pendants.




Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photos: AminaHobby

Source: Norsk Bunadleksikon (Norwegian Bunad Encyclopedia)

Categories: Bunad, Culture

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  1. I am trying to find a vest pattern similar to the one above on this page. Can you help direct me to where I might purchase this vest pattern? Thank you. Joanna Aamodt

  2. I have a jacket bunad that I had a lady make for me when we visited Norway, the most beautiful country in the world! I have been unable to wear it for several years because I gained weight. I am very happy to say that I have lost 30 pounds, and am now able to wear it again!!

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