Would You Dare To Open the Bag at Velfjord Museum?

When the 150 year old leather bag was handed over to Velfjord Museum in Nordland County, the message was clear: ‘The person who opens the bag shall face forever misery’. No one knows what it contains.

– It was given to the museum in 1949 by Einar Mathisen Nordfjellmark along with the same warning as he had got: This bag should never be opened, museum owners Kåre Lande and Torill Nerdås Flekstad tells Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

What is inside the bag is still a mystery. Many people are curious and offer to open the bag. The bag has become a major tourist attraction in Velfjord. The celebrity status has also led to new theories about the content.

– Once a school class and their teacher visited the museum. The teacher was very curious about the content and squeezed the bag. On his way back home he drove off the road. People have respect for the bag, Lande says.

The bag is the highlight on the museum tour, but many people are afraid to take photos of it. How the previous owner Einar Mathisen Nordfjellmark got hold of it, no one knows. Sources say that the bag used to belong to a Sami named Anders Perså.

– I think it is best that the content remains a mystery. There is more between heaven and earth than we realize. I think we should respect that the bag remains unopened, Lande says.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photo: NRK

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  1. I agree. Better to respect the mystery… i wonder what it smells like 😉

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