Mythical Design from Norwegian Duo ‘wik&walsøe’

Linda Svedal Walsøe and Ragnhild Wik are two Norwegian designers with ambitious goals and big dreams. Together they are wik&walsøe.

Linda and Ragnhild are both graduated from Esmod International School of Fashion in France. In 2006, they left their positions as product manager and design manager and started brainstorming countless work ideas.

In 2007, their debut collection was launched receiving great attention and positive reviews both in Norway and abroad. wik&walsøe aim to design, develop and produce unique high quality porcelain.

Several of their motifs are inspired by the Norwegian folklore, flora and fauna. One of their latest designs, Elf in Gold is a re-design of the former Elf-series.

The original Elf is made of precious feldspar porcelain from pure natural raw materials such as quartz, feldspar and kaolin (white burning clay). The chinaware is characterized by its whiteness, beautiful glossy glaze, translucency and pure surface.

The Elf has been an important part of wik&walsøe’s success.

On the occasion of their 5th year anniversary the Elf in Gold was launched and is the star of their collection. The elf is the symbol of dreams, hope and faith and making the impossible possible. The elves are the angels of nature: smart and strong helpers for mankind and earth.

See more porcelain from wik&walsøe here.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photos: wik&walsøe

Source: wik&walsøe

Categories: Culture, Design

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  1. This porcelain is lovely. The perfect gift. Collect on several items myself! Signe Schineller

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