Female Bunad from Lofoten – “Lofotbunad”

Female bunad from Lofoten LofotbunadThe female Bunad from Lofoten was designed by Arnolda Dahl in cooperation with Hol Handicraft in 1942. Textile materials from the period 1734-1889 and old photographs were used as inspiration for the Lofot Bunad. The unique embroideries of wild flowers were designed by Edvarda Lie in the late 1940’s. The first Lofot Bunad, as we know it today, was produced in 1948.

The vest is made from dark blue wool with a rust red bias tape around the square neckline and around the sleeves and closes with six silver buttons in the front. It is decorated with flower embroideries in the front and at the back. The vest is based on custom clothing from the early 1800s, but is not a direct copy.

The skirt is made from the same dark blue wool as the vest, with a rust red border at the bottom. The wide skirt reaches down to the ankles with folds in front and at the back. The broad flower embroidery is decorated around the bottom of the skirt.

The shirt is made of white linen and has a high standing collar. It is based on men’s shirts from the 1800’s. The collar and cuffs are decorated with white seam embroidery, developed by Arnolda Dahl. The shirt closes with a heart brooch (hjertesølje) at the collar and cufflinks on the sleeves.

The Lofot Bunad is also decorated with a bag made from the same fabric as the vest and skirt, with similar flower embroidery. It is common to use black, white or gray socks.

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Female bunad from Lofoten Lofotbunad detailsThe female costume from Lofoten includes a hat in dark blue wool with dark blue cotton lining. The hat has a smooth front piece and a ‘pull’ with floral embroidery. The front piece is lined with a narrow red border. The original hat was an old ‘pandestykkehuve’ (in English: ‘Forehead piece hat’) found in Borge in Vestvågøy, but is not an exact copy.

The silver was especially designed for this Bunad. The engraved flowers are inspired from the embroidery on the Lofot Bunad. The silver consists of a filigree heart brooch, six buttons, two cufflinks and a bag lock.

Text and photos: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Norsk Bunadleksikon (Norwegian Bunad Encyclopedia)

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