T-Ford-O-Rama in Norway!

Norge rundt i en T-Ford, NAIf you are traveling along the Norwegian roads this summer, be sure to look for Mr. Ove Jan Svendsrud and four other T-Ford enthusiasts as they are taking the journey of their life! The group will drive from the south of Norway all the way up to the North Cape – a total of 1700 miles! The only requirement is that the car is a T-Ford produced between 1916 and 1926.

– I couldn’t say no to such a request. It is exciting to explore the capacity of these old cars, Svendsrud tells Romerike Blad.

The tour starts on June 20th and will last for three weeks.

A T-Ford does not run fast. The average speed will vary between 25 and 35 miles per hour and the participants are expected to drive about 105 miles a day.

– We should probably take it easy along the way, especially when we are driving on the E-6. We hope that other motorists will show some mercy, Mr. Svendsrud adds.

The journey is quite long, so they have brought some important spare parts: Head gaskets, fan belts and other parts that may come in handy.

– We have planned the trip in detail and think it is wise to bring these important items. We hope that we have sufficient equipment to get us back on the road if anything should happen, Mr. Svendsrud explains.

The drivers are dressed anno 1920: Sixpence, goggles and leather coat.

When the goal of North Cape is reached, the motorcade returns back south with Hurtigruten.

Mr. Svendsrud hopes for good summer weather. He is looking forward to experience the midnight sun and the spectacular North-Norwegian scenery.

– It has always been a dream to experience Northern Norway in this way, he adds.

ThorNews wish the ‘grown-up’ T-Ford drivers a safe journey!

See Mr. Svendsrud in a test drive here.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photo: Romerikes Blad

Source: Namdalsavisa

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