Bright Up Your Day with ‘Moo’ on the Wall!

Moo1, northernlighting‘Moo’ is a full-scale wall–mounted Norwegian moose head lamp. ‘Moo’ may be used as decoration both indoor and outdoor. The figuratively shaped lamp body is made of poly–resin material, which gives a smooth and transparent flow of light. The bulbs placed inside the horns add an extra element of soft, sparkling and translucent light effect to the lamp.

The inspiration behind the ‘Moo’ lamp was found in northern Norway, – in the breathtaking scenery of Hamarøy. Here the moose is frequently seen passing close to the houses and even over the lawns.

The designers Trond Svendgård and Ove Rogne, is a part of the design team at Northern Lighting.

Moo2, northernlightingNorthern Lighting was founded in 2005, and has since established itself as a small dynamic Nordic company specializing in the design and manufacture of lights. Northern Lighting creates designer lights for different moods inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light.

The designers hope ‘Moo’ will stand out as a post–modern kitch trophy, making the viewer smile happily as they recognize this ‘King of the Norwegian forest’.

See more from Northern Lighting here.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen

Photos: Northern Lighting

Categories: Culture, Design

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