‘Denim Rock Circus Band’ Turbonegro Out with New Album

Norwegian hard-rock band Turbonegro is out with a new album, new music video and a new vocalist. In 2010, former lead singer, Hank von Helvete quit after 17 years with the band. Turbonegro is known for their quality rock music with albums like ‘Apocalypse Dudes’ and ‘Ass Cobra’ in addition to their hardcore costumes and stage shows.

On June 13th, the band is releases their new album called ‘Sexual Harassment’ and the video ‘You give me worms’ has already been released.

We wanted to make the video like a documentary where we would go from Oslo to Italy and play a concert in just one day. Already at the airport we started recording, wearing our old makeup from H&M and our funny hats, says bass player Thomas Seltzer to VG Nett.

Their visit to Italy coincided with an annual skating competition on the Riviera. The band therefore got a much larger audience than expected. About 5000 people showed up for the video recording.

It was absolutely wild! When thousands of skaters are gathered in the piazza aimed to vandalize, the real action begins. It ended up being a mix of concert and football riots. The audience sent up fireworks, and one rocket struck our mixing table. Fortunately, it went well, but it could have ended up in our faces, Seltzer continues.

This summer, Turbonegro has a full concert schedule. They will visit Norwegian festivals like Pstereo, Døgnvill and Bergenfest as well as several international festivals, including the Nova Rock in Austria, Rock la Roca in Germany and Hellfest in France. (Click here for a full schedule).

This is their first tour with new lead singer, Tony Sylvester, the former leader of the Turbonegro Fan Club.

The whole comeback is just a series of coincidences. Tony really knows our ‘universe’ but it took some time before we even thought about asking him to join us. Tony is a charismatic vocalist and has an extreme musical talent. While the rest of us are rock-nerds, he is the ‘über-nerd’. After three minutes in the studio, we thought ‘Wow’! We have never sound this great before’, Seltzer tells VG Nett.

Together with their new vocalist, Seltzer believes that the ‘new’ Turbonegro presents a different sound – much more punch and soul.

Turbonegro is a great band to play in. We have a warm love for music. For us it is almost like playing folk music. We are not a teenage phenomenon. Turbonegro is not a typical boy band – we have always been a ‘man band’, Seltzer laughs.

Watch their new video ‘You Give Me Worms’ here!


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photos: On top: side2, below: turbonegro

Source: VG

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