‘Lonely Planet’ legend: These are the Five Best Places in Norway

Svalbard, cruise-handbook.npolar.no

Longyearbyen on Svalbard

Few travel reporters know Norway better than TV personality Ian Wright. The travel shows “Lonely Planet” and “Globe Trekker” have made the 47-year-old one of the world’s most famous travel reporters. After 18 years of making travel shows, one of his favorite countries is actually Norway which he has visited many times. 

He has made shows from Norway for both “Globe Trekker” as well as three half-hour long programs about Norway and Norwegians at the forefront of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

ian wright norway– Norwegians have the same humor as us Brits, so it is a great connection there. And all Norwegians know more about English football than the English do. And you speak better English than the English, says Ian Wright while he is enjoying the spring sun on a lawn outside the offices of Internet firm Opera, which pays his stay in Norway this time.

The price level is in fact (almost) his only complaint against the Land of the Vikings.

– The only problem with Norway is that it is so absurdly expensive here. So no one can come here on vacation. No one can afford it, the Briton says, who last time VG Nett met him stated that: ‘ Norway is so expensive that you need to sell your firstborn to the mines when he is 12, to afford to go on holiday here ‘…

– An ant in the middle of nowhere

Kristiansund, kr.sund kommune

The City of Kristiansund

However, the world famous travel reporter enjoys the feeling of isolation that he gets in Norway.

– That’s why you come here. You are going to be one with nature and sit there and observe the mountains and the atmosphere. You want the feeling of being an ant in the middle of nowhere, like a sad hippie, Wright says and tells about a trip to the fishing village of Bud west of Molde.

– This place is so small that if you are not at the pub before 7 p.m., it doesn’t open. We did not get there in time even once.

Here is Ian Wright’s personal top five list in Norway:

Svalbard and Spitsbergen:

It’s so rough, and so different from everything else you know. It’s like being on the moon. And people there are wonderful. I also like the fact that 25 percent of the income from selling alcohol goes straight back to the community.  So you drink for charity, Wright says, and adds: ‘What could be better than to go there and see the polar bears?’

Boat trip between Trondheim and Tromso:

– Norway has the most incredible scenery, so you have to go on a ferry ride from Tromso to Trondheim. This is what Norway really is all about. There are not many places on earth that has such a nature. It is so powerful and almost romantic.

Run or cycle on the west coast:

– The area around Kristiansand and over there. (Here Ian probably means Kristiansund, on the basis of the description he gives – journalists Note). I love the wild small islands and their crazy bridges, which is so small. Again the scenery is wild and creates strong feelings. And the weather can change at any time.


– I paint and that part of the country is so inspiring. You must be quick when you go there, because the landscape is changing every minute. You look up and look down, and it is gone. Then it opens up and starts to rain, it is a wonderful inspirational place, the travel journalist says.


Oslo from above, april 2012Oslo from above

– Oslo’s nice, because the city is so small that you can rent a bike to get around everywhere. In that way you get a sense of what the city is. Then you go down to the football pub ‘Bohemen’ to see Norway play against England on Saturday (Note: The game was played on Saturday, Norway lost 0-1). What more do you need? You have everything, he said.

The last problem with Norway as Ian Wright mentions is the brown goat cheese (Brunost).

– Brunost is wrong in all its forms and in all ways. Just get rid of it, it is garbage, he says.



Translated from VG Nett by ThorNews

Photos: On top: Norsk Polarinstitutt, below: Beforeyoubackpack, below: Kristiansund Kommune, on the bottom: Anette Broteng Christiansen

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