Helle Knives – Quality Craftsmanship Since 1932


Since 1932, Helle has produced high quality and beautiful knives for Norwegians. Here is what the company writes on their homepage:

Do you remember your first bark boat? Your first home-made bow and arrow?

Or what about the first time you gutted a fish you had caught yourself? For a Norwegian, it is most likely that he or she would have used a Helle knife.

Whereas many knife manufacturers today depend on automated production and large product lines, we depend on quality and production through craftsmanship.

Since 1932, Helle knives represented the very highest traditions of quality in Norwegian craftsmanship.

Despite its aesthetic qualities, a Helle knife is not made to be an ornament.

It is made to be used.


The wild mountains, fjords and open seas combined with generations of outdoorsmen are the inspiration for our design.

Each knife is designed with a specific task in mind. The purpose of a specific knife may be that it should replace a couple of other tools and be a versatile and multifunctional tool. Or its mission can be to be the best fishing knife around.

This does not mean that the Helle knives are plain and not aesthetic. Our knives should feel as good in your hand as they are beautiful to the eye.

In a way you could argue that everybody who works at Helle is also a member of our R&D department. We are all leading lives in the rugged Norwegian mountains and fjords and we actually use the knives that we make. None of us would accept a knife that does not work as intended or a knife with some useless gimmick.

To design a Helle knife the designer needs to understand and appreciate how a knife should work in real life.

And for the same reason you should also argue that everybody at Helle is a member of the Helle quality team.

For more information see www.helle.no


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