“Rockheim” – Nominated for Europe’s Best Museum

Rockheim - bygg.noRockheim is the national experience center for pop and rock in Norway. Along with 45 other museums in Europe, the rock museum in Trondheim is nominated to become this year’s museum by the European Museum Forum.

Rockheim has an aim to preserve and present the history of Norwegian popular music from the 1950’s up until today. The basic element is the permanent exhibition ‘Time Tube’ where you can explore music, films and photos from different time eras, in addition to special designed attraction rooms, stages and various temporary exhibitions.

– It is an honor to be nominated. This is a great recognition for the museum, says director of Rockheim, Petter Myhre.

Since its inception in 2010, the interactive museum in Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag County, has been a great hit among Norwegians. Now, the museum gets a chance to receive international recognition due to their modern technology and original methods of conveying Norwegian pop and rock history.

This was the first museum of its kind in Norway. The Regional Centre for Pop Music opened later that same year in Oslo.

rockheim - Geir MogenRockheim has a focus on interactivity and that the guests can create their own experience at the museum through s special designed 50’s diner, a 60’s living room, a heavy metal studio or a hip-hop stage. It is because of the original presentation of Norwegian culture that the museum gained this prestigious nomination.

Many different types of museums are nominated. They all have in common that they have excelled to convey their content with both artistic accuracy and innovative thinking. They are progressive and stand out from other museums.

Rockheim is in good company. They are nominated along with the Bach Museum in Leipzig, the Swedish Air Force Museum and the Dordrecht Museum in the Netherlands.

rockheim, satyricon - Geir MogenAll of the nominees are now in Portugal to introduce themselves to each other and to the jury. Rockheim gives their presentation on the Norwegian National Day, May 17th, and the winner will be announced on Saturday evening.

– It would be great to win. But to be nominated as the only museum in Norway is recognition in itself. There are many factors the jury should take. We just do our best to present Rockheim as good as possible, says the Rockheim Museum Director.

Learn more about Rockheim here.

See more photos here.

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen

Photos: On top: Bygg.no, both below: Geir Mogen/Rockheim

Source: NRK

Categories: Central Norway, Culture, Music, Travel

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