‘Moods of Norway’ – Happy Clothes for Happy People

Moods - jente og gutt traktorSince the start-up in 2006, the three Norwegian fashion designers Simen Staalnacke, Peder Børresen and Stefan Dahlkvist have achieved international success with their clothing collections.The trio was featured in the July 2009 issue of Cliché Magazine, with a story of their growing brand.

Staalnacke and Børresen were studying at Hawaii Pacific University, when Dahlkvist (an old friend of Staalnacke) visited. A conversation at a late night party about a fashion brand with a Norwegian twist led to the group launching the first collection in 2003. After a handful of stores in Norway, Japan, Sweden, Holland, and Switzerland, Moods of Norway opened a U.S. flagship store in May 2009 on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

The company sports the slogan ‘Happy Clothes for Happy People.’ In the midst of their fun and edgy designs, the designers were able to incorporate their sense of humor. ‘234.243’ is embroidered in every one of the men’s suits, referring to the number of tractors in Norway.

In 2010, the brand released their first fully electronic product, a waffle iron which made waffles shaped like tractors. However, on November 17th 2011, they asked customers via Facebook and other social media, to return their waffle irons, stating it could be a fire hazard. If the waffle iron will return to the market is still unknown.

Moods of Norway operates a handful brand stores in Norway, Iceland, Japan and the USA.

Moods of Norway write on their homepage:

In the creative cellars of the picturesque town of Stryn, Norway (population 6750), two local designers Simen Staalnacke and Peder Børresen, upon homecoming from years of global travels, nights of sizzling cocktails, and international studies, gave birth to a concept soon to be known, worn, and adored, as The Moods of Norway. Soon the duo met up with the third musketeer, Stefan Dahlkvist and drew their lines for the coming collections.

The brand still has its headquarters and showroom in the town of Stryn, a magical place known for glaciers, salmon fishing and one newly opened escalator.

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Moods - jente på traktorMoods of Norway has been doing the hibbedy-dibbedy on the international fashion dance floor for six years now, the philosophy is still the same even though the Norwegian oil price is as flexible as an Bulgarian gymnast after 14 tequila shots. Our main goal, besides making our grandmas happy, is to make happy clothes for happy people around the world. As of this golden minute, Moods of Norway is represented in the most polished boutiques and by the finest agents in Norway, Sweden, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and USA among others. Stefan, Peder and Simen are still commandeering golden tractors around the world and are creating outrageous stories and super duper collections at an alarming rate.

Welcome to our Universe!


Text by: Ester Jepsen, ThorNews

Photos: Top and bottom: Moods of Norway, in the middle: Hanne Erøy

Source: Wikipedia, Moods of Norway

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