Norway – Norge – Noreg

You all know Norway as Norway – but it is not that simple. On a Norwegian passport it is written three names: Norge, Noreg and Norway.

One theory says that the Danes came up with the name Norge. In the old days, they called our country The Northern Kingdom; Nordrige or Norrige. Modified it turned out like Norge.

Some Norwegians, especially those living in the western parts of Norway, called the kingdom Norig, Nåri or Nårje. But in 1938, the name was changed to Noreg.

The English and German names Norway and Norwegen reveals that the name Norge originally meant “the way toward the north”, or in Norwegian; Nordveien.

However, either the name originally did mean ‘The Northern Kingdom’ or “the way toward the north”, it must have been people living south of Norway that gave us these illustrating names.

“Are You a True Norwegian” – Test

Here you can test yourself if you are a ”true Norwegian” and deserves a Norwegian passport.  If you fail the test, do not worry. You can learn more about the different subjects by searching on ThorNews.

Click on the flow chart to enlarge.

Are You a True Norwegian Test Cropped

Text by; ThorNews

Test by; ThorNews

Photo by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews


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