Figgjo Flint – Proud, Norwegian Porcelain Design


figgjo moccasett

Figgjo is a Norwegian porcelain manufacturing company, founded in 1941 by Harald Lima and Sigurd Figved. It is based in Figgjo in the municipality of Sandnes, Norway. The porcelain was made from local clay and energy companies, and the company’s first official account showed a profit of 56,000 dollars!

Between 1946 and 1951, Figgjo had a steady growth and started exporting china throughout Europe.

The company took its current form in 1968 following the merger of Stavangerflint with Figgjo Fajanse.

Figgjo china is especially known for characteristic patterns as the pictures show. Over the years, many well-known Nordic designers have contributed to create their distinctive style. The company has a solid foundation in the history of Norwegian design and the china is very popular because it represents a nostalgic feeling. Flea markets and vintage shops sell Figgjo china for high prices, but many inherit cups and dishes from their grandparents.

figgjo 3The company has a factory, museum and factory outlet at Figgjo. It specializes in vitrified china for the domestic and professional catering markets. Today, Figgjo delivers one of the largest orders to Dubai’s biggest catering company, in addition the manufacturer is the main supplier of porcelain to Scandic Hotels and Rica Hotels in Norway.

The underglaze backstamps: ‘FF’, ‘Figgjo Fajanse’ and ‘Figgjo Flint’ are found on all the company’s products.

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photos: Unknown

Sources: Figgjo, Wikipedia

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