Norwegian Redecorating Mania: Unofficial World Record Holders

Every single year, Norwegian families redecorate their homes for about 4,200 dollars – in average! That makes a total of 8.8 billion a year.

Norwegians are ‘European Champions’ in redecorating. Since few other countries keep records on this kind of statistics, Norwegians probably also are the unofficial World Champions.

Not only do Norwegians redecorate their homes, but also their cabins get a makeover on a regular basis. Every year, an average family spends about 8,070 dollars on renovation and decoration.

Bathrooms and kitchen are the most expensive rooms. Norwegian Law requires that a professional carpenter and/or plumber renovate these rooms due to insurance issues.

The reasons why Norwegians are ‘the World’s Redecorating Champions’ might be that most people can afford it due to a low unemployment rate (the lowest in Europe) in combination with high salaries.  Another reason might be that Norwegians spend half of the year indoor due to cold climatic conditions. The Norwegian winter is long and dark, so it’s a necessity to have light, delicate and decorative surroundings.

It looks like that the trend is going to continue: Norwegians are very dedicated to their favorite hobby!


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Photo: Blandet-Landhandel

Categories: Culture, Design

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