‘Royal Journeys 1905-2005’ – Norwegian Art Exhibition

Kronprinsesse Märthas galakjoleOne of Crown Princess Märtha’s Gala dresses. She was married to King Olav in 1929, but died in 1954 and never became Queen of Norway. Her style was very classic and fashionable.

‘Royal Journeys 1905-2005’ is the Norwegian people’s and government’s birthday gift to Their Majesties King Harald V and Queen Sonja on their 75th birthdays in 2012.

It consists of six exhibitions with treasures from the royal collections of art, cultural artifacts, and photos. In 1905, the union between Norway and Sweden ceased to exist and Norwegians got their own King and Queen: King Haakon VII and Queen Maud.

The six exhibitions feature a variety of themes, all dealing with royal journeys trough selected objects and archive material. In 2012, four major exhibitions will be held in the cities of Oslo and Bergen, and in 2013 in Tromsoe and Trondheim. They are really worth a visit!

The ongoing exhibition in Oslo lasts until the 26th of August. The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design received good reviews from media and visitors.

Kongelig KarjolThe Coronation Carriage. It was commissioned in 1905 and completed to the coronation of King Haakon VII and Queen Maud in 1906, produced by O. Sørensen Vognfabrik in Christiania (Oslo). It was last used in 1940.

Kong Haakon UniformKing Haakon VII’s uniform. King Haakon was originally named Prince Carl of Denmark, but after the union with Sweden, he was chosen as The King of Norway in 1905.

Kong Olavs baby cadillacKing Olav V’s Baby Cadillac from 1913 which was a present from his grandmother, Queen Alexandra of Great Britain.

Editor’s note: In Trondheim, you will also find the Crown Jewels inside Bispegården, next to the Nidaros Dome.


Text and photo by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

Categories: Art, Culture

4 replies

  1. Anyone know where Olav’s baby cadillac will be on display during May 2013?

  2. Hi Ian!

    Olav’s baby Cadillac will be on display in Trondheim during 2013, but I’m not sure about the exact dates.

    The exhibition is called “From Berliner to Buick: Royal Vehicles 1905-1940”. Read more here: http://www.denkongeligereise.no/en/exhibitions/royal_vehicles_1905-40/.

    Or you can call/email the museum: 0047 7360 4100 / post@mist.museum.no



  1. Miniature, fully functional 1/3rd scale replicas of a Cadillac were made for the British Royal family of Siam, Norway, and one for a grandson of the founder of Cadillac. | Cars.xcuz.me

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