‘Most People Live in China’ – The Movie (2002)

Original Title: ‘Folk flest bor I Kina’

Directors: Thomas Robsahm, Martin Asphaug, and 7 more credits

Writers: Nikolaj Frobenius (segment), Erlend Loe (segments), and 5 more credits

Stars: Ingar Helge Gimle, Kim Haugen and Bjarte Hjelmeland


Gas station owner, Lasse, spends most of his time rebuilding his old Tiger Moth aeroplane and dreams of one day flying it through the air. He barely notices the strange stories that focus around his station in the 24 hours before Election Day. A man gets a nasty surprise as he leaves his family in the car to enjoy a quick skinny dip. A cow eats a mobile phone. A lesbian couple looses their child. A blind girl and her brother sell dubious lottery tickets. A boy falls in love with the girl at the gas station. A man picks up an impertinent young hitchhiker. Three girls with engine trouble get help from a man wearing a pajama. Nine old men meet a young girl stuck in a swamp. A movie inspired by eight Norwegian political parties, written by six writers and directed by nine directors.

The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews both in Norway and internationally.

Dagbladet  (national newspaper): ‘The whole movie is made by nine different directors, six writers and fifty actors,  with an impressing production. The stories create reflection, and as ‘a joint exhibition’ they show high level of storytelling, directing and acting.’

‘(…)It has become a rich, generous movie that fascinates’.

Watch the movie here:

Source : IMDb

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