‘The World’s Best Grand Piano’ Found in Odda Municipality

Steinway OddaIn 1960, the Steinway factory in Germany delivered their largest grand piano, a Model D, to the University Aula in Oslo. At that time, the most important concert scene for classical music. The grand piano was one of the last that was made with authentic ivory keys.

Many people experienced amazing concerts played on this instrument. Sviatoslav Richter, Daniel Barenboim and Charles Ashkenazy played it. Ashkenazy stated that ‘the world’s best grand piano probably was located in the University Aula in Oslo’. It was the same piano Keith Jarrett played when he toured with Charles Lloyd.

In 1965, the instrument that had excited many classic enthusiasts disappeared.

An observant librarian in Odda Municipality had heard that the University Aula in Oslo was to get rid of it. Dordei Raaen had built up the library to become one of the very best in the country, and she had a strong network. She managed to get the grand piano for free.

Former high school students in Odda remember it well, and that it was used for Christmas concerts and school plays.

Today, the grand piano is totally restored and placed in Odda City Hall.

Text modified by: Ester Jepsen, ThorNews

Source: Aftenposten

Photo by: Dag Endre Opedal

Categories: Culture, Music

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