The Most Beautiful Roads in Norway – 2012 Award

Beautiful Roads Award 2011 1WINNER: Since 1920, the owners at Borgstad Mansion have taken care of the avenue of trees and replaced dead ones. In 1985, the avenue was listed and protected. Foto: Tom Riis

A two-lane country road in Skien Municipality and a one-lane city train in Bergen have won the ’Beautiful Roads Award 2012’.

A professional jury appointed by the Norwegian Road Directorate under supervision of Road Director Mr. Terje Moe Gustavsen, have awarded  ’Borgestadalléen’ at Borgestad Mansion in Skien Municipality for å being the best road when it comes to operation and maintenance.

The 450 meter long (0,3 mile) avenue of trees along County Road 32 between Skien and Porsgrunn was established in 1920, and it is surrounded by 30 beeches, 44 chestnut trees and 25 oak trees, planted 10 meters apart (33 ft).

The prize for best new construction went to the 9.8 km-long (6 miles) city train between the City Park and Nesttun in Bergen. The rail transport system that is built from the ground was opened in June 2010, 45 years after the tram in Bergen was closed.

WINNER: The Bergen city train built from the ground. Photo: Knut Opeid

Borgestadalléen was constructed in 1920, dimensioned for increased traffic in the years to come and having a 500-year perspective of the trees.

– Are you a little envious of the ability they had in the past to plan roads far into the future?

– I’m not sure if they planned the whole road as well as this avenue, but yes, the thinking that was made is impressive. One example is that different types of trees with different life time were chosen due to the replacement cycle. And it was taken into account the increased width and increased traffic, Mr. Terje Moe Gustavsen tells VG Nett.

– There must be an extremely difficult task to choose a beautiful road when you consider how many beautiful roads we have here in Norway?

– Of course it’s hard! We are privileged to have so many beautiful tourist roads. Like many others in this country, I believe, I still have a lot left to see. There are so many roads in Western Norway, not to mention northern Norway.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: VG Nett

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