Artist Magnet Honors His Mother Tied to a Plane

Artist Honors His Mother Tied to a PlaneIn his latest music video you can see the artist Magnet, or Even Johansen that is his real name, in spacious surroundings. More specific: He is tied to the top of a plane at high speed several hundred feet above ground.

This is how he wants to honor a person who was very special to him.

Substance Abuse

– The song is a tribute, a love song to another person that does not exist anymore, he says to Dagbladet.

Three years ago, Mr. Johansen’s mother died as a result of alcohol abuse. Both the song ‘Homecoming Queen’ and the music video is a tribute to her.

The song is from the artist’s fourth album, ‘Ferrofluid’, which was released last year.

(Watch the fantastic video here).

– The vast majority love their mothers very much. My mother drank herself to death. There are many who are reluctant to talk about her because she had problems. I find that people are a bit afraid to ask questions, but I think it’s very nice to talk about my mother. It is an honor to do something nice for her, he says.

Draws a Heart in the Air

In an attempt to get as close as possible to heaven, the artist is tied to the top of a double-decker, or a so-called ‘biplane’. With the help of the aircraft’s contrails, he draws a heart in the sky to honour his mother.
– My mother was tremendously fond of watching old silent movies. I wanted to make a stunt that ended up in a slightly cartoonish world. I think my mom had been very happy, and she would’ve laughed loudly if she had seen it, he says.

Mr. Johansen believes it is important to talk about substance abuse and other addiction disorders.

– In these days we have a lot of problems associated with addiction. Some are addicted to games, some food and some are addicted to stay slim. I think many feel that they aren’t good enough. But my mother was good enough in every way, there is no one I respect more than her, he says.


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog,ThorNews

Source: Dagbladet

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