Cathrineholm – a Norwegian Design Classic

Cathrineholm is an enamel cookware designed by Norwegian Grete Prytz Kittelsen. This fabulous Scandinavian mid-century designs have become classics throughout the world. The well-known bowls, pots and kettles with shiny colors and distinctive pattern have a big sentimental value in our minds.

Grete Prytz Kittelsen (born in 1917) designed a numerous works using silver, vitreous enamel and plastic material. As one of the leading artists of the Scandinavian Design movement, Kittelsen received several awards and honors in the 1950s. From 1954 to 57 she participated in the “Design in Scandinavia” exhibition, shown in several places in the United States and Canada. Near the end of the 50s, her products, manufactured by Hadeland Glassverk and Cathrineholm, were commonly found in Norwegian homes. “Sensasjonskasserollen” (The Sensational Casserole) was particularly successful, with 150,000 units sold in 1964.

Her designs were often inspired by American art, characterized by clear, plain colors and simple shapes. Kittelsen also designed informal, inexpensive jewelery made from silver and vitreous enamel.

Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Sources: Wikipedia

Photos from top; Victorianlover (Flickr), Below; flickhivemind

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  1. I worked for some years with Premier Services Ltd., the importer to the UK of Catherineholm enamelware. The Lotus range sold wonderfully well during the 60s and we still use a number of pieces here at home nearly 50 years later. Some larger retailers started to import their own ranges of enamel cookware as it became so popular but I don’t see any of those still being extolled as the Lotusware is. It was good to be involved with the product all of those years ago – I just wish I had a shed full to offer to the market at today’s prices !

  2. I have used my Cathrineholm casserole every week and it was bought for me in 1968 as a wedding present. It is wonderful the enamel is perfect still, it is a wonderful product.


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