Stavanger Airport Launches Kissing Point

As the first airport in Norway, Stavanger Airport (Sola), launches its own kissing and snuggling corner. A closed area with pink wall paint, chairs and background music will make it easier to leave your partner. The not-so-romantic reason is to avoid couples saying ‘good bye’ in advance of the security check causing long lines.

‘People kiss, snuggle and cry in front of the security check. There is a desperate need for some private-time for our passengers, a little ‘goodbye-time’, Morten Strand says to the Norwegian newspaper VG. He is in charge of the passenger’s enjoyment at the airport. Now, he is busy decorating the new kissing point at the terminal. He adds; ‘We will also provide breath mints to our romantic guests.’

‘In three weeks, the corner will be ready for action. The advertisement that will guide the love birds to the kissing point is already highly visible, Stavanger Aftenblad reports.

According to Mr. Strand, the airport management is very pleased with their new offer.

‘Some people don’t like the idea of kissing in public due to either age differences or sexuality. And not everyone think it is okay to watch people kiss in front of them. We give the lovebirds their privacy and protect other passengers from provoking sights’, Mr. Strand continues.

‘Are you afraid that the kissing point will be misused by the public?’

‘No, there won’t be any doors there, so there is a limited privacy. We hope that our passengers will use it only for kissing’, he adds.

To ensure the propriety, a manual of ten ‘kissing rules’ will be provided the guests.



Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source and photo: VG

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