The Book About Firewood – A Bestseller

Everything about wood hogging, stacking and drying – and the soul of firing wood.

Author Lars Mytting has written ‘The Book About Firewood’ that became one of the best-selling books in 2011 with about 50.000 sold copies. Impressive, considering that Norway only has 5 million inhabitants. Perhaps the book has become so popular because Norwegians are living in a cold country far to the north where it is a matter of life and death to stay warm?

“For there is no nonsense when it comes to a stack of firewood. It does not lose value in the stock market. It does not rust. It does not file for divorce. “

Firewood is a science and a passion, and author Lars Mytting has visited some of the coldest regions and made contact with firewooders and woodcutters. He has stopped in intersections, listening for chainsaw sounds or preferably the quiet sound of a pensioner with a bow saw.


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With humor, warmth and expertise Lars Mytting provides a portrait of the Norwegian wood-burning tradition – a tradition in that generation after generation have brought further insights about what kind of tree that gives the best wood, how firewood should be stacked to dry well and what kind of oven that provides the best heat.


“Feelgood from start to finish”
Finansavisen (Financial newspaper)

“Hot about the many pleasures of woodfiring”
Nationen (Agricultural newspaper)

“Lars Mytting gives all woodfiring fans a new Bible”
Trønder Avisa (Regional newspaper, Central Norway)


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photos by: Kagge Forlag

Source: Kagge Forlag

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8 replies

  1. “Nationen” is not a particularly Christian newspaper. If anything it is agricultural.
    The Christian newspaper you are thinking of is “Vårt Land”.

    See and

  2. Thank you very much for your correction – it was a slip that now is corrected. Editor

  3. Is this book in English? If so, where can I buy a copy?

  4. Hi Brett!

    Sorrily, the book is only in Norwegian. But – hopefully it will be translated into English soon (we’ll keep you posted).


  5. I am anxious to obtain an English version as well!

  6. Me too 🙂

  7. Has the book on firewood been translated into English? Where can I buy a copy if it has?

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