Six of Seven Norwegian Dog Breeds in Danger of Extinction

Lunde Hound foto Vibeke BrathLunde Hound. (Photo: Vibeke Brath)

Only the Norwegian Elkhound, Grey is safe. The six other Norwegian dog breeds are at risk, with the Hygen Hound as the most endangered with only fourteen new puppies last year.

– In recent years, we unfortunately have seen a downward trend when it comes to Norwegian dog breeds, says Stepanka Horákové, the Norwegian Kennel Club Communications Manager. And the negative trend continued last year.

Norwegian Elkhound BlackNorwegian Elkhound, Black. (Photo: Unknown)

Hare Hounds in Crisis

The three breeds of hare hounds: Dunker, Haldenstøver and Hygen Hound had respectively 142, 39 and 14 new registered puppies last year.

At the same time, it was born 54 Lunde Hounds, 91 Norwegian Buhunds and 183 Norwegian Elkhounds, Black.

Dunker Hound

Dunker. (Photo: Unknown)

-All these breeds are in danger of extinction. We are working hard to try to reverse the trend and attract more buyers of Norwegian dog breeds, says Horákové.

When it comes to the hare hounds, she believes part of the reason for the decline is less hare hunting than before.

Choose Norwegian

For the other breeds, it is difficult to explain the decline in popularity. Also in Norway, there has been a slight tendency for more exotic breeds such as Chihuahua to become more popular.

She encourages people to choose a Norwegian dog – if it fits into your life.

-All the Norwegian breeds have a good temperament, so there would be no reason not to choose them for that reason. Buhund and Lunde Hound are very good family dogs. The most important thing is that you find a type of dog that fits into your life. Then both the owner and the dog will be happy, says Horákové.

She is happy that Norwegian Elkhound, Grey still is a very popular breed. Last year it was the breed with the second highest number of registered puppies – as many as 973.

HaldenstøverHaldenstøver. (Photo: Unknown)


Hygen HoundHygen Hound. (Photo: Unknown)


Norwegian Elhound Grey HuntNorwegian Elkhound, Grey. (Photo: Unknown)


norsk buhund - norsk buhundklubbNorwegian Buhund. (Photo: Norwegian Buhund club)



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews


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  1. please see photos of my black elghund at

  2. You forlot the Norwegian buhund, black!! They are worse off than the weathen buhund…

  3. Lovely dogs, pity they aren’t readily available in the UK. I’d love a Buhund or an Icelandic sheepdog (apparently a close relative) but there’s no one breeding them here 😦

  4. How would one go about getting a Norwegian dog into the U.S.A.? That is, who do I contact to buy them?

  5. does anyone know where i can find a black behind puppy?

  6. Black Buhund puppy, auto correct got me there!

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