Moose Alarm! 53 Collisions Since Friday

Moose Alarm - Foto Trond Bonde

Extremely Many Moose Collisions – 53 Since Friday

The moose went through the car’s windshield when it was hit in Røros yesterday. Now, you are asked to be very careful when you go for a drive.

VG has got the number of accidents from some of the ‘moose counties‘.

When VG checked yesterday morning, only since Friday there had been 21 moose collisions in Nordland. And the numbers are high in other parts of the country.


In the same period, there were 14 collisions with ‘the King of the Forest’ in North Trøndelag, nine collisions in Hedmark and nine in Oppland.

Meaning 53 moose collisions in four counties in four days.

– It’s a little extreme with 14 collisions in four days.

The reason is probably heavy snowfall.

Then the animals seek roads and rail lines, says Lars Erik Besseberg, operations manager in North Trøndelag Police Department.

He has a clear message to car drivers in the area:

– Be very careful! The moose moves very fast out of the forest.

Into the Cockpit

In the morning hours yesterday, a man in his 40s got an over 660-pound moose through the car’s windshield in Gullikstad, close to Røros.

– The moose ended up inside the cabin and died there. The driver was taken to hospital, but it went well with him, says operations manager Tore Kyllo at South Trøndelag Police Department.

– Was he lucky?

– Yes, indeed!

Towing truck driver Trond Bonde arrived at the scene shortly after the collision.

– Only the head of the moose was sticking out. Fortunately, there was only one person in the car, and it went well. He has been very lucky.


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photo: Trond Bonde

Source: VG

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