Politician Had to Eat Fur Hat

Fur HatThe Progress Party politician, Thorstein Larsen, had to bite into a sour fur hat on Wednesday after losing a bet.

I still stand on my feet, but now I now I am sweating on my forehead, the politician says to VG Nett after the unusual meal.

He has just cut up and eaten both hat soup and hat steak, and is very clear about one thing: This he will not recommends to anybody.

– It is hard to describe how it was. I had a little soup for appetizer; it was cooked on the hairs of the fur. It was added lemon and a little of this and that. After that, I went straight for the main course, he says.


Mayor in Orkdal, Gunnar Larsen Lysholm, started to prepare his 30 years old fur hat already yesterday, and invited Larsen and the rest of the presidency to a hat dinner on Bårdshaug Manor in Orkanger.

– Gunnar Lysholm was educated at a restaurant school in Switzerland, and he said that if I cooked the hat for a long time it would be very similar to cooked cow’s stomach, which is very tough, says Larsen.

Along with the hat, he served a sauce.

– It was incredibly strong. Leather from 1982, it did not taste good. It was very tough texture, and I just had to take it my mouth and swallow. It is not possible to chew it, but now it is in my stomach, he says.

Promised to eat his hat

There was a budget meeting in 2008 that Larsen made the statement that could potentially ruin the rest of Wednesday evening.

‘I’ll eat my fur hat if Orkdal Energy is not sold in my municipal period,’ he stated, according to Sør-Trøndelag Newspaper.

Now his period is over and the energy company is still not sold.

– I was really convinced that I was able to sell the energy company, and I still think it is going to happen, but I will not bet again, says Larsen.

On Wednesday, he woke up at five o’clock, and stayed awake thinking about the upcoming hat dinner.

– I’ll never do it again.

He is not sure which animal the hat is made of.

See the video of the hat eating here.


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: VG

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