Much More Than a Phone Box

In May 1997, the inhabitants of the fjord village Bjørke in Hjørundfjord, Western Norway, became strongly provoked when the national telephone company Telenor was about to remove the only public phone box. They already had lost the local grocery and postal office, and made a spontaneous and massive resistance: The phone box was chained to heavy rock boulders.

The box was named ‘Pillar-Guri‘. According to tradition, she was a young shepherd girl who in a very courageous and cunning way helped the local farmers to stop and defeat Scottish mercenaries hired by the Swedish king. This happened in Gudbrandsdalen in Eastern Norway, but ’Pillar-Guri’s deed gave the inhabitants in Bjørke motivation to fight for the phone box.

Today, the box is a scheduled monument together with 299 others of the same design.


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

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