Upcoming Norwegian Movies 2012

Update: Upcoming Norwegian Movies 2013


2011 was a great year for Norwegian film. Never before have Norwegian movies been rewarded with so many international awards: Happy, Happy (5 awards), The King of Devil’s Island (4 awards), Oslo, August 31st (4 awards), A Somewhat Gentle Man (4 awards).. The family movie ‘The Liverpool Goalie’ won 13 international awards!

Thornews.com is optimistic, and believes that 2012 will be another great year for Norwegian movies.



‘Elevator’, directed by Stig Svendsen, 18. January

‘Varg Veum – de døde har det godt’ (‘Varg Veum – No Pain For The Dead’ *), directed by Erik Richter Strand, 20. January

‘Inn i mørket’ (‘Into the Darkness‘ *), directed by Thomas Wangsmo, 27. January

‘Thale’, directed by Aleksander Nordaas, 17. Febryary

‘Into the White’, directed by Petter Næss, 9. March:

‘Fuck Up’, directed by Øystein Karlsen, 16. March

‘Varg Veum – kalde hjerter’ (’Varg Veum – Cold Hearts *), directed by Trond Espen Seim, 30. March

‘The Rocka’, directed by Robert Næss, 30. March

‘Dunderland‘, directed by Nils J. Nesse & Finn-Erik Rognan, March 2012

‘Kompani Orheim’ (’Company Orheim’ *), directed by Arild Andresen, Spring

‘Dynasti’ (‘Dynasty’, directed by Christer Aase , Spring

‘Til siste hinder 2’ (‘Last Man Standing’ *), directed by Kathrine Haugen, Spring

‘Til ungdommen’ (’To the Youth’), documentary by Kari Anne Moe, Summer

‘Kon-Tiki’, directed by by Joachim Running & Espen Sandberg, 24. August:

‘Stålspranget’ (‘The Steel Leap’ *), directe by Henry Moore Selder, 1. September

‘Help’ (’Help’ *), directed by Dag Johan Haugerud, 7. September

‘The Almost Man’, directed by Martin Lund, 14. September (won Gran Prix Crystal Award at Karlovy Vary Intenational Film Festival)

“Flukt” (’Escape’ *), directed by Roar Uthaug, 28. September (Picture: Actor Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as evil gang leader)

‘Reisen til Julestjernen (’The Journey to the Christmas Star’ *), directed by Nils Gaup, 16. November

‘90 minutter’ (’90 Minutes’ *), directed by Eva Sørhaug, Autumn

‘Det viktigste er forbi’ (’The Most Important is Gone’ *), directed by Sara Johnsen, Autumn

‘Hokus Pokus Albert Åberg’ (’Hocus Pocus Albert Aaberg’ *), directed by Torill Kove, Autumn

‘Brev til Kongen’ (’Letter to the King’ *), directed by Hisham Zaman, Autumn

‘Sorans reise’ (‘Soran’s Journey’ *), directed by Hisham Zaman, Autumn

‘Skumringslandet’ (’Shadowland’ *), directed by Paul M. Lundø, Autumn

‘To brødre’ (’Two Brothers’ *), documentary by Aslaug Holm Høst

‘De andre’ (’The Others’ *) directed by Margreth Olin, 2012

Editor’s note: Some of the movie titles are translated directly from Norwegian into English, and may change when the ‘official translations’ are ready. These titles are marked with (*).


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

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