‘Gamalost’ – Old Cheese With Its Own Festival

GamalostGamalost (also Gammelost, Gammalost), which translates as “old cheese”, is a pungent traditional Norwegian cheese, which was once a staple of the Norwegian diet. Like many traditional Norwegian foods, such as flat bread, dry salted meats and stockfish, Gamalost could be stored for long periods without refrigeration.


To make Gamalost, lactic starter is added to skimmed cow’s milk, causing it to sour. After several days of souring, the milk is slowly heated, before the curds are separated and pressed into forms. After removal from the forms, mold is introduced onto the surface of the cheese, rubbed on by hand in the traditional method. The cheese is then allowed to cure for four to five weeks.

Gamalost production is very labor intensive, particularly if traditional methods are used. Everything depends on the proper fermentation and maturation. It is not made in sufficient quantity for mass export. As such, it is rare to find the cheese outside Norway. Commercial production has principally been limited to the Tine facility in Vik. Since 2002, the Norwegian food company Synnøve Finden has also engaged in production at the Enebakk plant located in the Oslo area.

Taste and texture

Gamalost is a brownish-yellow cheese with irregular blue veins. The cheese has a sharply pronounced rich taste and aroma, like Camembert, Roquefort, or Danish Blue. The cheese is firm, moist, coarse and often granular. Gamalost is rich in protein with low fat content, measuring 1% fat and 50% protein.

Gamalost Festival

Gamalost Festival (Gamalostfestivalen) is an annual event held in Vik in Sogn at the beginning of summer every year.





Source: Wikipedia

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