Warning! Norwegian Road!

Elgskilt - resizedNorway is a long country where the distance from the southernmost point: Lindesnes, to the northernmost, North Cape, is about 1600 miles. There are a huge number of roads. Thousands of tunnels and bridges are making it possible to cross mountain passes and reach small costal villages. The nature is wild and the weather unstable.

There are about 63.000 miles of public roads in Norway, and the length of private roads are estimated to about 44.000 miles. The road network is generally in a poor condition.

If you take the risk to drive by car or bus in Norway, you will probably see many of these warning signs. They speak for themselves.

Text and photo on top by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews


Fareskilt_HjortFareskilt_Polar BearFareskilt_TunnellFareskilt_SteinsprutFareskilt_Steep HillFareskilt_Steep CurvesFareskilt_SidevindFareskilt_Bumpy RoadFareskilt_ReinFareskilt_Skiløper

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