Christmas Dinner Cancelled at Nursing Home

Marie Hansen and the other residents at a nursing home in Oslo did not get Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. Contractor ISS has apologized for the incident.

– We have made a mistake and we apologize. We will do everything we can to make amends, and therefore we promise a lavish gala dinner on New Year’s Eve. We will serve turkey, sweets, cakes and soft drinks to all the at the nursing home, their families and staff, says Jan Bjørneboe, Director of Communications at ISS.

According to Bjørneboe, it was a miss in the procedures that caused the delivery not to be handed out on Christmas Eve.

– Generally, these orders go by e-mail, but the nursing home had phoned in the order. The order had been written on a note, but the person who should have received it had quit his job the day before.

Editor’s note: 95% of all Norwegian hospitals and nursing homes are public, and food delivery services are privatized. Prefabricated food is delivered to the institutions, and the nursing staff has to prepare and serve the meals.

Written on the note: ‘Christmas dinner cancelled! Coffee and cakes..Sorry!!!’

Read the full and original story here.

Editor’s note: In Norway, we start celebrating Christmas at 17:00 hours on the 24. of December.


Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog, ThorNews

Source: VG

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