Postman: ‘Has Not Fallen in Over 40 Years’

The mail must be delivered, but to control both car and legs on icy roads are almost like exercising extreme sports.

At ‘Strandveien’, we meet veteran postman Find Syljeset (57). While steady maneuvering towards a mailbox, the reporter is about to fall when he tries to take a photo of the happy man. Even though he is equipped with proper crampons, his balance seems to be impeccable.
– In my over 40 years as a postman, I have only fell once. I hit the back of my head, but it went ok, says Syljeset.

In a “normal winter”, he uses four hours to deliver the mail to the 640 households on his mail route.

– Nowadays, I use about one and a half hours extra on the route. It is terribly slippery, says Syljeset.

Fortunately, he did start early this morning so that the working day does not take any longer than normal. The previous two winters have been cold, and Syljeset would not have had anything against replacing the mild weather with minus degrees.

– I would rather that it was minus 20 degrees Celsius. This would make it easier to travel both by car and on foot, he says.

In addition to wearing crampons. the postmen has been told to be careful and take it easy on the slippery ice.

– The car I drive now is very good, and it has studded tires. Some of our cars have studded tires, while others do not. The cars that are used in remote areas also have a four-wheel drive, Syljeset says.

Read the whole and original article here.

Text by: Thor Bugge Lanesskog,ThorNews

Source: Østlendingen

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