Proud Antlers Sticking Up

FrozenMooseA bull moose has gone through the ice in Femund River and drowned. Now that winter is here in full force, only his proud antlers are sticking up from the ice.

About a week ago, it was reported that a large bull moose was lying in Femund River by Mælbekken, close to Trysil. The bull has probably burst through the thin and glossy autumn ice, and failed to get out of the water. Now when it has been snowing, only his antlers are visible.

– It was a local person that reported the incident to us, says Bjørnar Johnsen in Engerdal Mountain Council.

– It seems to be a 14 point bull, but it’s still unsafe to go out there, he says.

The municipality’s ’Fallen Wild Animals Group’ is notified, and they will pull the bull up on shore when the ice is safe to travel.

– It’s something special, but moose are excellent ice walkers, and we get reports of such events from time to time. And during a winter, probably more moose drown than we get reported, Johnsen says.

See the original article: Click here

Source: Østlendingen

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