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  • The Vikings (1958 movie) – A Major Box Office Success Starring Kirk Douglas

    The Terrible Northmen…Sailing on Dragon Ships Like Serpents on the Sea! Shouting a Battle-Cry to Their Awesome God of War, Odin! (“The Vikings” 1958, tagline) The Viking Age is fascinating and mythical, and the historical fiction movie “The Vikings” from… Read More ›

  • Pan-Fried “Skrei” Cod with Fennel and Sour Cream Sauce

       (Photo: Now is the peak season for «Skrei» cod, and in February and March millions of cod migrate from the Barents Sea and into the waters of Nordland and Troms counties in Northern Norway to spawn. Many Norwegian… Read More ›

  • Hundreds of Place Names of Old Norse Origin in the British Isles

    Many English villages and towns were founded by Vikings. (Photo: John Baker/ In the 9th and 10th centuries Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Vikings crossed the ocean and sailed to the British Isles, and their legacy is still very much… Read More ›

  • Romantic Comedy Gets Italians to Travel to Bergen

    “Quo Vado?” Checco Zalone falls in love with an Italian woman living in Bergen (Photo: Press Photo /”Quo Vado?”  ) In 2016, nine million Italians packed movie theaters to watch “Quo Vado?” (“Where am I going?”). Much of the action… Read More ›

  • «Thor’s Kingdom»: Norwegian Adventure Park Aims to Become World’s Viking Capital

    (Photo: Vikingland / ITEC Entertainment Corporation) A local development company from Western Norway in cooperation with major international companies have a clear objective: The Viking adventure park «Thor’s Kingdom» (Norwegian: «Thors Rike») aims to become the world’s Viking capital. «Thor’s… Read More ›

  • «Kraftkar» – Norwegian Blue Cheese Crowned the Best Cheese on the Planet

     Kraftkar – probably the best cheese on the planet (Photo: To everyone’s pleasant surprise: The 29th annual World Cheese Awards, held in the Basque Country city of San Sebastian in November 2016, crowned the Norwegian blue cheese “Kraftkar” (English:… Read More ›

  • Found 1,000-Year-Old Wooden Viking Ship Toy

    Imagine, nearly thousand years ago children were playing with this wooden Viking ship found in a well during an archaeological excavation outside of Trondheim in Central Norway. (Photo: Åge Hojem / NTNU University Museum) Last summer, an almost 1,000-year-old elaborately… Read More ›

  • Nacreous Clouds above Central Norway Welcome the New Year

    Polar stratospheric clouds, or nacreous clouds, 31 December 2016, Namsos, Central Norway (Photo: ThorNews – click on the image to enlarge) Dear readers! The pictures were taken earlier today and show an unusual weather phenomena above Namsos, Central Norway: Polar… Read More ›

  • God Jul! Merry Christmas!

      From us to you: Some traditional Norwegian Christmas cards we hope will put you in the right Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas, God Jul!   God Jul ca 1940 ( Illustration: W. Lund)   God Jul ca 1950 (Illustration: Bernt… Read More ›