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The Saga of Halfdan the Black

Viking Warrior illustrated by Norwegian concept artist Stian Dahlslett © ‘Heimskringla’, also called the Norwegian Kings’ Sagas were written down by the Icelander Snorri Sturlason around the year 1220 AD and includes the Saga of Halfdan the Black (c. 810… Read More ›

Did the Vikings Use Telescopes?

The lenses examined in Visby. Top row: unmounted lenses. Bottom row: mounted lenses, except the “ball” (Photo: kleinesdorfinschleswigholstein.de/ Olaf Schmidt) The Vikings were known to be great seafarers and probably navigated by using Sunstone crystals. They could also have been… Read More ›

Viking Age Art Styles

 Timeline Viking Age Art Styles (Stafan Bollmann/ Wikimedia Commons/ ThorNews) Researchers believe that the Vikings most likely wore tattoos and that they adorned their bodies with the same patterns and motifs used on weapons, jewelry and other items. Numerous discoveries… Read More ›


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