“Trollkar” and the Battle of Knits

From top: Spire sweater, Trollkar aka Heming Welde Thorbjørnsen, pattern Øyfjell. “Trollkar” is a wizard – and he can knit with paper, branches, wires, steel – even melted cheese. Heming Welde Thorbjørnsen aka Trollkar from Karmøy in Western Norway makes thread… Read More ›

Losæter: Urban Meadow Downtown Oslo

Anne Beate Hovind and Vibeke Hermanrud from Bjørvika Utvikling at Losæter -a urban meadow located at Sørenga. Until the early 1900s, the area was Oslo’s food chamber. (Photo: Rolf Øhman/Osloby) In Bjørvika neighborhood in Oslo city center, you can soon visit… Read More ›

Willy Wonka is Norwegian

Per Vonka and his father, Peder Vonka, met Roald Dahl during WWII. (Photo: Hallgeir Henriksen / Sami Newspaper Ságat) Had it not been for a chance meeting between author Roald Dahl and Per and his father Peder Vonka towards the… Read More ›

Norwegians Moving from Cities

Trondheim in Central Norway is one of the few major cities that has a net migration of Norwegians. (Photo: Åge Hojem/ Trondheim Havn) According to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB), Norway’s major cities are growing due to immigration and birth… Read More ›


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