Medieval Norwegian Royal Seals

Magnus VI “the Law-mender” Haakonsson, 1263-1280, – back. (Photo: The National Archives of Norway) The National Archives of Norway has preserved several seals from the Middle Ages. Many are elaborate, such as the Royal Seals. They were big and had… Read More ›

The Social Guidebook to Norway

Norwegians can be difficult to interpret, according to Julien S. Bourrelle. (Book Cover: The Publisher) When the Canadian researcher Julien S. Bourrelle moved to Norway, he experienced a culture that was difficult to interpret. Now he helps foreigners to analyze… Read More ›

Baldr’s Dreams

“Odin rides to Helheim,” illustration by WG Collingwood (1908). Baldr’s dreams, or Vegtamskviða, is one of the poems about the Norse gods in the Elder Edda. It is dark but beautiful, and one of the shortest of the Eddic poems…. Read More ›


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